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Positive Reinforcement

Get out of your head

Get out of your head

Get out of your head

I'm a thousand miles away

I can't get you off that bed

This idiot screen is not smart

if it were

                       you would know

that the words I type

       and send across

are not alphabets strung

 together in haste

they're a carefully considered


to not let the light in you

        go to waste.

                Get out of your head

I know it's getting colder

   with every passing day

Know, you're all the

warmth that you need

         The sun will shine

         And you'll be fine

I'll hold your hand if you're 


I've spent a lot of winters too

                     deep within my mind

      Love, you've been so patient,

                           only a little more

I know this world can be unkind

     Dust yourself off

                   pull up your big girl pants

Don't care so much for what

                           "they" say

             I promise you


          will be a better day.
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"Isn't it weird when cutters meet?"

                        -you turn to me; "Is it?"

I take another sip of my whiskey

                  and attempt nonchalance

You don't buy it

                  I don't look you in the eye

you begin to string words together

carefully chosen - taking time

                          then nod to yourself

and eat them all up

I tell you about my geometry box

You tell me about the razorsharp

falling out of your wallet every time

                               you look for change

          Neither of us are the type

          to trust in divine intervention

but perhaps you could mistake that

                                             for a sign?

I stopped cutting a long time ago

                 I tell you so much

I could tell you everything

You scratch your head

         and say you don't remember

                             when you stopped

                 that's okay

I still cut everyday

only these scars don't

       show on my skin.



(Written in August after meeting a kindred.)

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