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Can you miss someone you’ve only met online? Because I kind of miss you.

But Orkut is dead. And I no longer remember my Myspace password/email. I always thought I could keep that one saved like a Toluene thought loop. Guess not.

I really wish I’d known you in person instead. Keep well, you crazy motherfucker.


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Line your stomach with bread. Corrode it with beer.

Adulthood has been kind so far.

So every couple years I look back and realize what a douchebag I’ve been in the past. I did something similar a few weeks ago but only this time it was an Ariadne’s thread-like exercise. I lost my appetite and nearly relapsed into the semi-absent minded fog which is pre-depression. Thankfully, Alt-J saved me. Adolescence is so much repression and disassociation. Who knew growing up would be more remembering than forgetting?

In the spirit of self-acceptance, this is from when I used to be a crazy little git.

And here’s the best coping mechanism ever –

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