Monthly Archives: September 2012

Empty Chatter

Wait just a minute, now

Have you been speaking to me?

I’ve been watching your lips move

Yes, but I haven’t heard a thing

And I didn’t think to interrupt

I can see you wouldn’t care

So, I’ve let you continue,

Wouldn’t want to get in your hair

I have tried to concentrate too

Find out what you wish to mean

But as much as I’d like to

I have found it all obscene

You speak to me and

all I hear, is a continued buzz

Your words are drowned; the sound is round

And everything’s afuzz.


Premonitions & Promises

Send me a postcard

From wherever you are

This life’s a travesty-

And this place? Hasn’t changed a bit

When you come back, you shall see.


Pass on photographs you took, In the mail

Let me take a look,

how the picture turns out to be-

when you play it by the book.


There is barely any news on this end

You’d think my life was put on pause

It gets harder with the day

But I’m still working for the cause.


And everyday is an uphill task

The walls, are deeply set

Brick by brick, a peephole made

Thats everyday- till the foundations shake.


So send me a postcard

And write me a note

Bring me stories from afar:

I’ll keep them safe,

See they won’t get lonely

With the rest saved, in my jar.


Streetlamp Serenade

This dull heartache-

                  of which you’ll never know,

follows me around

                 wherever it is I go

the city wide; and I smile

                at an imagined sight

a whim, a fanciful dream

               awake, in broad daylight

I might have seen  you today

               that day, or the day before

these  little tricks my mind play

              keep leaving me baffled & sore

I don’t understand what makes it so difficult

              to let your memory go

when that is all that you are to me-

               A person I do not know.